Using a different minor-mode-prefix with Rinari (Emacs Rails)

Rinari is a Ruby on Rails Minor Mode for GNU/Emacs.

Problem: Most key mappings / keyboard shortcuts rely on the hard coded strings ; and ' (I.e. C-; f c -> rinari-find-controller). These prefixes are difficult to access on a German keyboard because they require the shift modifier.

Solution: The following code adds a comma to the list of rinari-prefix strings. Add it to your GNU/Emacs configuration file (i.e. ~/.emacs):

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/your-path-to-rinari-source-code/rinari")
;; This patch must appear before the line "(require 'rinari)"!
(defvar rinari-minor-mode-prefixes
(list ";" "'" ",") ;; CHANGE Added comma to prefix list
     "List of characters, each of which will be bound (with C-c) as a rinari-minor-mode keymap prefix.")

(require 'rinari)

**Result: **We can now access the command rinari-find-controller with the key sequence C-c , f c.

Side note: I’m all ears for more Emacs-Lispy solutions to this problem. ;-)

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